Bosphorus Tours

Private Bosphorus Tours – the beauty of Istanbul!

Private Bosphorus tours and Istanbul day trip will take you to Bosphorus – the famously beautiful stretch of water, 32 km long with the maximum of 3.700 m width. The strait plays central role in the history of Byzantium, later Constantinople and today’s Istanbul. The Bosphorus, with the Golden Horn (an inlet of the Strait) and Maiden’s Tower (Kiz Kulesi) at its southern entrance, has a definite personality. The Bosphorus is the Persona of Istanbul, a beautiful female, who despite the disrespect that men show to that pretty lady, the strait stays charming, inspirational and full of surprises personal istanbul tours.

That beauty, though, should not the least distract you. (There are many places in Turkey to save energy for, guided Ephesus tours and Ephesus for example) Bosphorus – the stretch of water that connects two seas, the Black Sea and the