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Celebration is everywhere. Travel to Bulgaria for Rose Festival tour
The Rose Festival tour – a tribute to beauty The Rose Festival is a lovely annual festival celebrated in the Rose Valley; near the town of Kazanlak. The festival is a parade of beauty in the unique Rose Valley. Since 1903, in this Valley, people have been celebrating the flowers and especially the main and most beautiful flower – the rose.

At first, people celebrated the Festival of the Rose as the Festival of the Flowers. Until the present day, all Kazanlak people and its thousands of guests, have celebrated it as the Festival of the Unique Rose. Among Bulgaria tours and places to visit in Bulgaria, Kazanlak is a unique place because there is beauty and life there.

The Festival is the most remarkable event in Bulgaria and it takes place on the first weekend of June. This is the season when the gentle oleaginous Kazanlak rose comes to bloom, filling the air with its scent.

The blossoms are picked in May and June, when high humidity is very important. So is the cinnamon-forest soil in the area and, last but not least, the remarkable skills of the Bulgarian rose-oil producers.
Don’t hesitate to choose Kazanlak Rose Festival tour among all the Bulgaria tourist attractions
The Festival starts on Friday and finishes with a procession on Sunday. Actually, these three days are the highest point of a beautiful whole-week of celebrations. People celebrate the beauty and flowers, the spring and the scent of the unique Kazanlak Rose. You need to arrange your travel to Bulgaria for that time.

This is a week of numerous interesting attractions that happen every day. Craftsmen of the country come to Kazanlak to show their handicraft articles. Artists, actors, circus performers, writers and singers flock here at the start of June, the best time to visit Bulgaria, Kazanlak. In the run-up of the event, a Queen of Rose beauty contest is held in several rounds. The Queen of Roses is chosen among the girls who finish school the same year.
Electing of the Queen
Three main events are interesting for the guests of the Rose Festival tour – the electing of the Queen of Rose, the harvesting ritual in the rose gardens and the procession along the streets of the town. Ask anybody from Kazanlak and the region and they will tell you that the picking-up of the lovely oleaginous rose, starts very early in the morning and finishes by the time the sun rises.

That shouldn’t discourage you, of course, from joining this ritual because firstly, it happens later for tourists; and secondly – do you really think you could help not being part of the harvesting process? What is more, could you miss the chance to fill up your lungs with the scent of the world famous roses on a cool June morning? Or could you help not witness the blossoming of the flower with the small dew-drop on them…….

Rose Festival

Celebration is everywhere. Travel to Bulgaria for Rose Festival tourThe Rose Festival tour – a tribute to beautyThe Rose Festival is a lovely annual festival celebrated in the Rose Valley, near the town...



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