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The Uniting Goddess of Love and War

Harmonia, daughter of Aphrodite and Ares, played a significant role in mythology, connecting the realms of love and war.

Harmonia’s Lineage and Legacy

Born to the union of the love and war deities, Harmonia had legendary ties to the Amazons. She established the Theban dynasty and became the mother of prominent Dionysian women, shaping the course of mythology Leto.

Magical Wedding Gifts

During Harmonia’s wedding, the Olympians presented magical gifts. Aphrodite gifted a renowned necklace, known for conferring irresistible sexuality or undying beauty upon its wearer. This symbolized the harmonious blend of love and allure in Harmonia’s existence.

Lydia Rich Lands and Shifting Empires

Lydia, located in western Asia Minor with its capital Sardis, had a history marked by fertile soil, abundant gold and silver deposits, and shifting imperial powers.