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From Istanbul with Love

Endowed with stunning historical and archaeological sights, urban lifestyle and a liberal society, Istanbul and its Customized Guided Istanbul Tour have become the most favoured destination for tourists from all over the world.

T A Ameerudheen wades through the multi-layered city. The only city in the world that straddles in two continents, Europe and Asia. Also, a city bisected by a quiet flowing Bosphorus…

The moment I got into the boat, a strange but pertinent thought tickled my mind. “Where am I right now? In Europe? or in Asia?”

“Bosphorus is the natural boundary between European and Asian continents. The strait makes Istanbul the only city in the world lying on two continents. You can see Europe on my left and Asia on my right. We are in the middle of the two continents,” travel guide Ensar Islamoglu’s words of wisdom woke me up from my deep thought <a href="https://istanbulday.com/customized-guided-Istanbul-to